Our Services


Visualization and Marketing

For all architectural projects a design needs to be clearly communicated, and in some cases advertised to the public, in order for support of the project to grow. Designers must present information to clients in a way that allows them to understand the design intent and a vision of what the finished product will look like. At CDG Project Studio we use a number of image rendering styles and video walkthroughs to prepare presentation material for companies. Whether you have a full building project developed in Revit, or an existing print that needs enhanced visualization to sell the client on the intended design, our staff is prepared to help bring your ideas to life.


Our staff takes Revit software from an out-of-the-box application to a completely customized solution for companies. We have assisted numerous organizations in making the transition to this software efficiently and successfully through a comprehensive analysis of the existing setup and organization of their design process. Once that organization is determined, an effective plan of customization is completed to make the transition as smooth as possible.


We provide companies with an understanding of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and its capabilities. We accomplish this through group discussions, blog entries, focus groups, problem solving and general sharing of Revit design experience with other design companies. Our goal is to provide all interested parties with the ability to understand how the Revit process works and how it can enhance their design project.

Green Design Consulting

Our team includes a number of LEED accredited professionals who are ready to assist you in the development of your green project. Whether it is using the latest technologies available, exploring green design options, or evaluating the current condition of your facility or residence, our team is prepared to meet the growing need of our society in the creation of eco-friendly building design.

Training Services

Our Staff includes individuals who are skilled at communicating the use of Revit software and describing the thought process involved in developing a project. Our training services include general training in the software, specific training related to individual design trades within a design team, advanced training in office standards, template development, and customization within Revit. We have experience training hundreds of individuals within multiple companies and multiple design disciplines. We are skilled and ready to meet the training needs of your company.